Avast Antivirus 6 Free edition review

If you are a Windows XP/Vista/7, you must have an Antivirus software installed on your Windows.

Windows is very prone to Antivirus and especially Windows XP.

We provide a Review to one of the best Free Antivirus for Windows: Avast Antivirus 6.


  • Performance  –   8/10
  • Scan Results –   8/10
  • Looks             – 10/10
  • RAM usage   –   9/10
  • Features         – 10/10
  • Usability       – 10/10
The Antivirus can be downloaded from here. It comes with a trail period of 30 days but it can be extended.
If you like this application, do register it from the “Maintainence -> Registration ” to get a one year free licence.


Here are few snapshots of the application:


1. Avast Antivirus Summary
Avast antivirus summary


2. Avast Antivirus Scan
Avast antivirus scan


3. Avast Antivirus Shields
Avast Antivirus Shields


4. Avast Antivirus Additional
Avast Antivirus Additional


5. Avast Antivirus Maintainence
Avast Antivirus Maintainence


6. Avast Antivirus About
Avast Antivirus About

Try installing and let us know your feedback.

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