Features being build and tested for Windows 8

At Microsoft there are various teams, each dedicated to the development of new feature for Windows 8.

The feature list below makes the wait for Windows 8 even more exciting.

The list of features being developed for upcoming Windows 8 is as follows:

  1. App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
  2. App Store
  3. Applications and Media Experience
  4. App Experience
  5. Core Experience Evolved
  6. Device Connectivity
  7. Devices & Networking Experience
  8. Ecosystem Fundamentals
  9. Engineer Desktop
  10. Engineering System
  11. Enterprise Networking
  12. Global Experience
  13. Graphics Platform
  14. Hardware Developer Experience
  15. Human Interaction Platform
  16. Hyper-V
  17. In Control of Your PC
  18. Kernel Platform
  19. Licensing and Deployment
  20. Media Platform
  21. Networking Core
  22. Performance
  23. Presentation and Composition
  24. Reliability, Security, and Privacy
  25. Runtime Experience
  26. Search, View, and Command
  27. Security & Identity
  28. Storage & Files Systems
  29. Sustained Engineering
  30. Telemetry
  31. User-Centered Experience
  32. Windows Online
  33. Windows Update
  34. Wireless and Networking services
  35. XAML
There are teams dedicated to developing these features. Each feature is developed, tested and finetuned by the Teams at Microsoft.

Looking at the feature list above, we would say that Microsoft Windows 8 once launched, would bring in greatest OS till date.

It becomes clear that the intention of Microsoft is very clear, it definately want the market lead it already has but also, build a rock solid OS that has all the required functionalities required by a Modern OS.


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