Review of Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.14 for Ubuntu 11.04 or earlier

Ubuntu Tweak is a tool for Ubuntu, as the tool’s about me says, “Ubuntu Tweak makes it easy to configure your system and desktop settings”. You can change settings that can’t be changed otherwise.

To install Ubuntu Tweak you can follow the instructions given in “How to install Ubuntu Tweak“.

With this application you get to change the following settings:

  1. Login Settings
  2. Session Control
  3. Compiz Settings
  4. Desktop Icon Settings
  5. Gnome Settings
  6. Windows Manager
  7. Nautilus Settings
  8. Power Management
  9. Security Related


Here is a snapshot of Login settings.

You can change the login options:

– You can disable the login user list displayed at the time of login.

– You can enable or disable the login sound.

– You can also disable the restart button displayed at the time of login.

You can also change the Login theme:

– It allows you to change the login screen logo.

– Here is the place to change you login screen.


Here is a snapshot of Session control.


Here is a snapshot of Compiz Settings.


Here is a snapshot of Desktop Icon Settings.

If you wanted to remove the desktop drive icons, then Ubuntu tweak’s Desktop Icon settings will let you do that.

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