Windows XP turns 10, Windows 95 became 16 years old

Ten years back on 25 August 2001, Windows XP was launched. Today on 25 Aug 2011, Windows XP completed 10 years. Even after the launch of its successors, Windows Vista and Windows 7,  Windows XP is still used by a large mass.

It did brought usability of computers to a new level and ran on every possible machine. But as Windows XP turns 10, majoritry of the security analyst and even users feel that its time to say good bye to once renowned OS.

As we see it now 10 years later, things have changed. You have Windows 7, providing advanced security and performance benefits.

Even though Windows XP runs better on older hardware and have very
good drivers support for old hardware, its time to move on.

Windows XP have stood by time but now it poses great security risks. When you compare Windows XP to other Mordern OS, it loses its out its reputation.

If you still use Windows XP on your old machine that has enough RAM to support Windows 7, try switching to Windows 7(or Ubuntu).

For older PC we would recommend giving Ubuntu OS a try.

Widnows 7 and Ubuntu is way ahead of providing usability and security enhancements when compared to Windows XP.

If you have a newer machine, you must and should switch from Windows XP

to Windows 7(or Ubuntu).

Its not just anniversary for Windows XP, today Windows 95 also completes its sixteen years.

Do share your views on what you feel about the Ten year old OS.

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