Java Doc 7 – A new look and feel

With the launch of Java 7, Oracle have introduced Java doc 7 with much work on the look and feel. The good thing being that it looks more organised and readable.

You can see a snapshot below showing how the new Java Doc 7.


The new Java Doc is much more usable and comprehensible.

Many of us have been expecting a enhancement to the Java Doc, as the older documentations lacked presentation. Earlier docs were didnt use CSS. The new css used can be found at ““.

You can observe from the above CSS that changes were made to the:

  1. The Type column is emphasized.
  2. Cell borders have been added.
  3. Method description is indented to improve readability.
  4. New color scheme is applied.
  5. Method or Constructor name is displayed in bold.

Grab your copy of New Java Doc 7 from “Java Doc 7“.


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