How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu


Open MySQL administrator, and enter the password for your MySQL database(same as MySQL Query browser).

i) Creating a New user – Press the New User button or right click on the left pane to add new user.


You can change the username from “new_user” to any other name eg. “jaggib”.

Give a password for the “new_user”.

ii) Adding Host to New user – Right click on the new user name on the left pane.

New user - add host

Select localhost as Host.

iii) Adding privileges – Now select Host under “user accounts –>new_user”, then click the database name “wordpress” under schema, And select all the priviledges(select one and press “Ctrl + A” to select all).

New user - assign privileges

Then click the “left arrow button” to make available privileges as assigned priviledges.


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