Nandi Hills – Place to Hang around Bangalore

Nandi Hills is the finest and nearest spot in Bangalore to hang out. If you are looking for peace

of mind and chill wind then this is the place. This place is near to Bangalore International Airport.

For the adventure ride you can go there by Bike or Car and feel the sharp turning curve road.

 Note:- If you are planning early morning to reach there than let me tell you the Gates/Barrier

opens by 6am

The Nandi Hills are One and Half Hour Distance from Ramaiah College. So If you leave by

4.30am then also you ll reach before time cos in morning the airport road is empty so you can

drive at a very fast speed. On the way at the entrance of the Hills there is a Tea shop where you

can everything to eat and drink, even petrol too for your vehicle off course.


By the time we reach at the top of hills its already the sunrises up and here is the First Snap is of Foggy Sunrise.

the place is very cold so do carry a overcoat or a hot cloth of your choice, Rest of the things
you can get there.


Here is a snapshot of sunrise from Nandi Hill. Its a beautiful sight to watch in early morning.

Economy wise too its really cheap place.  Here you ll find the Old Buildings , Ganesha and Hanuman

Temples,Big Rock Mountain and thick Fog. You ll feel the clouds moving around you and chill breeze

is pushing you.


Here is a lovely snapshot where you can feel you are above the Clouds and the exact beauty of this

place i still can’t forget this view , I think it will be always in my sweet memories.


The next snap is  where the sun is rises up but the Fog is blocking the sun rays to Enter in this Premises.

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