Running for the Bangalore Marathon.

What it takes

I had been running alone 3-5km, three days a week for the past month. Finally the day came to run with the whole city.

I had registered my self 2 weeks back, for the Marathon. Majja run requires you to complete a distance of 5.7km. All you need is 400 rupees to register (few more bucks for 10k) and a great spirit to run. Bangalore marathon are organised during mid year. Look out for advertisement for Marathon during this period. Advertisement for the same are placed all over the city.

Once you have registered you have two options for the run. One being, running all distance at a stretch. And other being, running with friends and others just for fun.

If you are willing to complete full distance running, you would need a little bit of preparation. Depending of how much can you run at present, the preparation time would vary. For those who would be huffing and puffing after 100m, it would require around 3 months. If you can run for 1km with a constant pace, you can be ready for the complete run within 1-2 weeks. To start the preparation, just remember that you would need to take those initial steps to begin with, rest will come with time. Maintain a constant pace, that would be a pace that is just faster than a walk.

Route of Marathon

The route of marathon is such that most of the time you would be running in shade. The route is a dedicated one, that means only participants would be using that path. To cheer the runners, we have cheer girls after every km cheering the participants. There are some folk dancers as well.

majja run route map

There are so many inspirations all around you to make you complete the run, just keep pushing. Its worth running all that run. The self satisfaction you would get at the end of it is something you should experience for yourself.

End of Marathon

When you reach the stadium after completing the run, there would be refreshment distribution going on in the indoor stadium. If you are in the early hundreds who completed the run, then you would get this:
10k medal

Remember the two things:
– If your not in good shape, even the most expensive shoes won’t help your cause.
– Just 200 mts of the 5.7/10 kms can bring your endurance and enthusiasm down to a grinding halt.

Happy Running.

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