Things i disliked about Bangalore marathon 2012

It was my first time for the Bangalore marathon. I was all excited and prepared for it. I was hoping the organizers would be prepared for it too. I would say i liked every moment after reaching the stadium, running all the way and reaching the finish line. But after we finished the run, things were too disappointing.

Things i hated about marathon

We were all so excited to complete the run. The last few kilometers were very challenging. We kept telling ourselves just there, few more steps to take and such sort of stuffs. Subconsciously we were hoping for some great hospitality waiting for us.

Those who had reached before us were directing us to the indoor stadium. We went inside the indoor stadium. Hell of crowd was waiting us. There were a thousand of people before us near the refreshment counter and Medal distribution was equally full. We had reached in top 200 i guess but there were around more than thousand people in the indoor stadium. We were all drained out and fully exhausted. We were too tired, hungry and thirsty as well. We couldn’t find separate water counters.

The queue that should have been there was non existent, as all people were scattered around the refreshment counter. All that volunteers could do was request them to maintain queue, but all in vain.

To add to this even if we had stood there for like half an hour all we would have got was a “Parle-G packet, one Apple and a 500ml water bottle”. This wasn’t very encouraging for us to stand in that line. We expected something more and better than that. We couldn’t stand in the queue for long, so went out after 15min. We were thinking to at-least have some water from the stalls outside. But to our disappointment, by the time we reached there all the stalls of water were taken away.

To give a clear picture of the situation i would say:

  • We had no money to buy something from nearby food outlets, as we had left our purse mobiles and other stuffs in vehicle that was 3km away from there.
  • We were out of energy to walk to our vehicle.
  • The parle-G distribution was making me regret leaving the bag having food items at home.

I hope they organise it better next time.

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