The Perfect Popcorn Reciepe


You might think that preparing a popcorn is so simple that even somebody who does not know to cook can prepare it. Yes, it is actually that easy, if done the right way. And we are talking about our favorite ACT II popcorn!


How it is Prepared Normally

The most common way to prepare the ready-made popcorn is:

  1. Just empty the ready-made popcorn packet content into the vessel and place the lid.
  2. Wait for two-three minutes until the corn popping noise stops.

However, this only produces three quarter or less popcorn many a times. There are chances that the popcorn is smaller in size and burnt.

The Right Way to Prepare Popcorn

To get maximum popcorn out of the packet,  all you need to do is follow the following simple steps:

  1. Pour the contents of ready-made popcorn packet into the vessel.
  2. Set the stove to medium flame as high flame will burn the corn.

    Keep on stirring the contents for sometime, until the corn seeds start to swell up and the first corn pops up.

  3. Place the lid over the vessel.
  4. Turn off the flame as the popping sound reduces.
  5. Place the contents into another vessel to avoid the popcorn from getting burnt.

The perfect popcorn is ready! You can enjoy this while watching a movie at home or whenever you feel like, now that you know the secret to prepare the perfect popcorn.

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