Make a Heart of a Blue Moon Necklace (DIY)

This post demonstrates the easy way to make a funky necklace out of your old or unused stuffs like earrings and key-chain hanging. I call this one a Heart of a Blue Moon Necklace. The details are discussed below.

Things you need to make a Heart of a Blue Moon Necklace :

  • An over-sized round blue-wired earring
  • A heart shaped bead
  • A linked chain
  • A three inch wire
  • Scissors
  • A jump ring
  • Two small bell charm beads
  • Fabric glue


Make sure the color of the ring and the color of the hanging is contrasting and compliments each other. For example, I have chosen the perfect combination of blue and pink.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to make an outstanding piece of jewelry:

  1. Attach the small bell charm beads to the wire.
  2. 2

  3. Attach the wire to the heart shaped bead along with the jump ring .
  4. 3

  5. Attach the heart to the earring with the help of jump ring.
  6. 4

    Cut the excess of wire using scissors.

  7. Once finished, to keep the scattered beads in place just stick them to the earring using fabric glue.
  8. 5



  9. Insert the linked chain into the jump ring.


Voila! your funky necklace is ready to be used. Go out and flaunt it proudly! Doesn’t it look great?


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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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