Perks of Adopting a Cat

Pets are the best thing one can own. Those who have pets would agree with me. They help you stay stress-free and cheerful, what better than having a cat. They are playful, they are smart, and oh so cute! Let me introduce you to my love Dusty! :)

Dusty during one of her sun-bath session.

Cute kitty cat

Dusty is a smart, naughty and crazy cat. It’s a she! Yes, I don’t like to address my cat as it I prefer using she 😉 Dusty was bought home(or rather picked) by me on a fine cold night of October 2012. She was four weeks old then. It is the most magical thing that has ever happened to me. It happened when I was getting back home after my day’s work and as I was nearing home I saw this little rat like thing covered in dust crawling on the road, which almost came under a bike right in front of me and as I looked closely I saw this scared and helpless kitten face as if asking for help. She was covered in dirt and was very weak for her age. I just could not stand the thought of her coming under another vehicle and possibly getting crushed to death. That was the moment! I just didn’t bother to give it another thought and took her home not thinking of any consequences. I didn’t really know how my family members will react, how am I going to take care of her or what to do with her since I never owned a pet before. However, now I am more than happy about my decision. 😀

This was taken during her first few days.


Recalling back the times when she was just a cute little kitten when she could not even go up the lowest slab of the tea table and seeing her now where she jumps around the house to all the places possible; kicking one vase here and a table calender there, always makes me smile. She is a complete entertainer and without even uttering a word she can just cheer us up!

She was sleeping on my lap and woke up when I called her name.

2012-10-27 22.45.29

She wakes up even before I get up, running around wild and free. She is most active in the morning (and at night ofcourse to hunt for cockroaches but as I am asleep I can’t really say much about her being as wild as she is during the day). She has become everybody’s favorite at home and even in the neighborhood. I can go on describing her but I will cover only what I feel worth sharing. She has taught me many things in these four months span i feel blessed. Cats can teach you many important life lessons and I am pointing out some that I personally feel about.

From my experience things one can learn from cats are:

Dusty life lesson PMlogo

  • Be independent
  • Keep yourself clean all the time or in short be well groomed
  • Always have that cute look on your face (smile!)
  • Never give up, keep trying you will succeed
  • It is always good to act smart
  • Curiosity is always good, it can land you to new places or things
  • Eat whatever appeals to you and not whatever comes your way
  • If one source fails to give you what you need, asking another is always a good idea
  • Never hesitate to ask what you want even if nobody understands you, possibility is they will end up understanding or at least make an effort to understand your needs
  • The world is made to be explored
  • Sleep as much as possible but stay alert, daydreaming is never harmful
  • Dark and warm places are always good options to sleep
  • No place is out of your reach once you find the right platform

Hope this article helps you to stay happy and wild! :)

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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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