Mushy Hat Man Necklace (DIY)

Well seeing the current trend I am going quite crazy about the “mush” and then I found something so intriguing on Faballey that I wanted to own it. Unfortunately before I discovered it, it was gone! Phew! my bad luck or I would say “everything happens for good”. If it wasn’t for the out of stock status of my favorite piece I wouldn’t be writing this post. As now I proudly own my self-made Mushy Hat Man Necklace. Well so now its your turn to own one too, as I am here to show you how.

All you need is follow the simple steps below. :)

Things you will need to make a Mushy Hat Man Necklace :

  • A linked chain
  • Four thin linked chains about one inch in size
  • Seven jump rings
  • Black plastic sheet
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pencil
  • Paper cutter
  • Mushman 1st photo

    Now you are ready to make your own Mushy Hat Man Necklace!
    just follow the following simple steps:

    1. Draw the outline of the hat on a sheet of paper using a pencil.
    2. 1502201310297ed15thbutlogo

      Similarly draw the glasses and mush on the sheet of paper.



      Get creative with the mush following are a few examples :)

      2-19-2013 2-49-10 PMedlogo

    3. Now cut the hat out of the paper using scissors.
    4. 1502201310300ed12thlogo

      Similarly cut out the glasses and the mush.


    5. Cut the inner part of the glasses using a paper cutter.
    6. 1502201310303edtenthlogo

      Now these cut out pieces are ready to be used as stencils.

    7. Trace the hat, glasses and mush using the stencil and the pencil onto the black plastic sheet.
    8. 1502201310305ednightlogo

      The trace will look like this:


    9. Cut the traces out of the plastic sheet using the scissors.
    10. 1502201310310edseventhlogo

      You will now have the cut out pieces of hat, glasses and the mush ready to be attached together.


    11. Make holes in the hat, mush and the glasses for attachment as shown in the picture below.
    12. 1502201310315edfifthlogo

    13. Attach the jump rings to the thin linked chain and attach it from the hat to the glasses.
    14. 1502201310317edfourthlogo

      Similarly attach all ends from the glasses to the mush.


    15. Attach a jump ring to the Mushy Hat Man and attach a linked chain to it.
    16. 1502201310319edfirstlogo

      Your beloved Mushy Hat Man Neclace is now ready! 😀 Go out and flaunt it just as I did. 😉


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