Trending Meow: FOREVER 21 Gets Catty

Foever21 Title ed

Some like it catty and for all those cat lovers I have an interesting post. As one of my favorite brand Forever 21 has officially declared feline fashion a straight up trend (as you can see, the image above was taken from their actual website), you can now easily become a feline fashionista.

The images below have some of the tops from ‘Trending Meow’ collection:

Cat Tees ed

Here comes my favorite one!

Forver21Favorite T ed

In addition, they also have oh so cute accessories look for yourself (image below):

Forver21 Accesories ed

I am in love with all the things from their collection as I love cats like crazy! Even if you are not a cat person the entire collection is so in trend and makes you fall in love with cats (more!). I am going to grab some for myself soon and it’s your turn too. 😉

Checkout their entire collection at:

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