A Trip to Masinagudi

It was a trip I was looking forward to last year. I can still recall every bit of it (in-spite of having poor memory 😉 ). It was an Official trip but so much fun! My co-passenger was a German guy and we spoke mostly about differences in our cultures, at the end of the trip I taught him the title song called “Chandani” that goes like “chandini o meri chandini..” and also introduced him to “Kolaveri Di”, he can sing them here and there ;). I left Bangalore at seven in the morning and reached there around two o’clock (by bus). I received a warm welcome with refreshing tender coconut water “Ah! How truly delightful!” just the thought of it.


Moving on, at night I danced around the bonfire along with my friends in all crazy moves possible and did a bit of Gangnam style.


Next morning I went for a trek around 9 o’clock. A jeep took me to the jungle where I was supposed to trek. Apparently, it was a 5 km trek but it turned out to be 12 kms trek because the guides lost their way! Phew!

I wore a collared sports Tee-shirt and a sweat pant for trek as it was both comfy and perfect for a tiring sweaty trek:


Who knew we could eat cactus fruits? Surprisingly, during my trek I ate cactus fruits (and I survived!) and here is a photo of what it looks like:


Tangy is what I would describe the taste, it also tastes a bit like Mulberry. One needs to be careful as it is thorny as those thorns are very thin and can easily pierce through your skin, taking them out is another task altogether. The guide told me that it is good for people with diabetes and has many other medicinal benefits. I am not sure how true those facts are but it was really yummy to eat! In fact, the guide (Sundar anna is what he is called) was too sweet as he gave a bag full of cactus fruits to take back home.


In the mist of that forest I didn’t spot any animals but their foot prints. To relax I took a sun bath in the river that flows over the plate of rocks (after which I had to go to the parlor to get the tan removed but that’s a complete different story!).


Got back to the resort to let the serenity absorb itself into my mind.


Went to the local market in the evening. It’s a small market, only thing i could pick up was some handmade bee-wax stuff and a sweater for mom.


Later I tried to play volley ball but as I was too tired it was more of a throw-ball game! 😛


After the game I went for a stroll around the place and look what I spotted! Cabbage field!!! Doesn’t it looks amazing!


At night it was again time for some fun and dancing. Tired next morning I packed my bags and left for Namma Bengaluru. On the way I spotted few monkeys, deer, and elephants:


This is how I spent my time in Masinagudi. Its a beautiful place to spend your weekend. Away from the noise of the city into the calm and serene forests. Adios for now. Hasta la vista!