Houndstooth Obsession

There are times when I get obsessed with something and start collecting that particular thing until some other thing comes my way and I am completely smitten. It is one such time, that I am now obsessed with the houndstooth pattern for some reason and have been hunting for all that I can find in this pattern.

So what is houndstooth?

For most of us who don't know what houndstooth is, I will tell you all about it (as much I know!) and how it is also in style.

Houndstooth originated in Scotland around 1800s, it was originally worn as an outer garment of woven wool cloth by shepherds. The pattern is still popular to this day. It is a duotone pattern that is characterised by its abstract four-pointed shapes, most often in black and white. When it was first created, the pattern was referred to as Shepherd's Check or Dogstooth.

Houndstooth is such a classic print apart from being classy it is also visually stimulating. The traditional houndstooth print commonly comes in black in white however the coloured houndstooth print are also making their way into the fashion industry.

It is somewhat funky pattern and that makes it a best print for any kind of clothing be it skirts, coats, blazers, scarfs, ties, shirts, pants, tops or a simple dresses.

It has been a huge hit among celebrities. Kim Kardarsian also seems to be obsessed with houndstooth. Checkout for yourself in the images below:

Kim Kardarshian houndstooth obsession
Kim Kardarshian houndstooth obsession w2

There are many other celebs who were spotted in houndstooth trend. Such as Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani and Leigh Lezark were spotted wearing houndstooth.

Houndstooth spotted on Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani and Leigh Lezark

Lady Gaga and Psy also seems gaga over houndstoooth:

Lady Gaga and Psy

Hayden Panettiere was seen in an Express houndstooth coat while Kortney Kardashian wore it as a dress:

Hayden Pennetiere’s and Kortney Kardashian

Sophia bush was seen in a houndstooth dress at the FUZE/Revolution Slenderize bash at 86 restaurant in Hollywood in the year 2008 while Jenna Elfman is in an Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009 bod-con black and red houndstooth knit dress with bow collar, and Claire Danes’ was spotted in houndstooth for red carpet event.

Sophia bush, Jenna Elfman, Claire Danes

Amelia Lily was dressed in houndstooth dress to the semi finals of X Factor (2011) singing, “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” and Adrienne Bailon wore a backless houndstoothdress to the Latin Grammy Awards Las Vegas (2011).

Adrienne Bailon and Amelia Lily

Some of the famous singers were also spotted wearing houndstooth. Selena Gomez was seen in a houndstooth skirt and Rihanna wore a houndstooth dress. Whereas, Miley Cyrus wore Material Girl Dress Houndstooth Floral-Print ($14.99) as seen in a still from Two and a Half Men.

SelenA, Miley, Rihanna

Penelope Cruz is wearing an Alexander McQueen Houndstooth check pencil dress. Blake Lively attended a DKNY fragrance launch party wearing a retro-style houndstooth pattern top and black mini skirt in 2009 and Gwyneth Paltrow rocked in a black and white houndstooth Stella McCartney coat at the Coach Dinner Party in London (2011).

Penelope Cruz, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow

Isabel Lucas, Beyoncé Knowles and Lindsay Lohan were also seen in houndstooth pattern clothes.

Isabel Lucas, Beyonce, Linsay

Dita Von Tease looks classy in houndstooth suitdress, Solange Knowles’s looks lovely in a blue and white houndstooth skirt, Ashley Greene teams up houndstooth clutch to her classy look, and Kris Jenner can also be seen in a pant suit.

Dita Von Tease, Solange Knowles's, Ashley Greene, Kris Jenner

This one is my favorite of all, I love Alexa Chung’s round Ralph Lauren sunglasses and the best one is Queen-Elizabeth-II’s houndstooth coat not only does she looks pretty in it but it also complements her royal look.

Alexa Chung and Queen-Elizabeth-II

Out of this obsession I recently bought a houndstooth shirt and a scarf and I still don’t feel I have enough of it. I feel it’s a must have in one’s wardrobe so those of you who don’t own it yet go grab one for yourself! Let me know what you have in houndstooth, and how you wore it. :)

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