Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

Having heard that plain beer as last rinse works as a great conditioner I always wanted to try it out but the idea of buying alcohol just to wash your hair seemed absurd to me. However, recently I came across Park Avenue Beer Shampoo at NewU store so I gave it a try and here is my review on it.


This is an unisex shampoo and it claims to give you soft silky hair as its main ingredient is real beer. The bottle is shaped like a beer bottle which makes it unusual in your bathroom shelf. 😉


The cap resembles the soda bottle cap however, this one is plastic and when you put it back it doesn’t close tightly.


The shampoo does smell like real beer and even the thickness is less but it gives good froth when applied onto wet hair. The smell of beer can be a turn off for many who are into perfumed beauty products. I personally felt it’s bearable and it’s fair enough to have beer smell when the product claims to be a beer shampoo.


The smell fades away after washing but if you can’t stand the smell put a good conditioner after using the shampoo.


The shampoo lathers fairly well and is easily washed off. Beer being main ingredient it works as a great conditioner leaving your hair bouncy and shiny. I like the shine and a bit of bounce that it gives but it doesn’t stay for long. Though the shine and bounce are not that prominent, the shampoo does a fairly good job of keeping its promise by cleaning your hair, making it shiny and a bit bouncy. As I have oily hair it worked well for me by keeping it dry and clean for longer than usual.


I would however not recommend it for people with extremely dry hair as it could make your hair more dry and frizzy but if you still want to try it apply a heavy-duty conditioner to avoid damaging your hair.

What is GOOD about Park Avenue Beer Shampoo?

    >Washes off easily
    >Lathers well
    >Leaves your hair clean
    >Adds shine and bounce to your hair

What is NOT-SO-GOOD about Park Avenue Beer Shampoo?

    >Have an unpleasant smell
    >Cap doesn’t close properly
    >Can make your hair dry

I would rate it 3/5. Have you tried Park Avenue Beer Shampoo yet? Tell me how was your experience?
If you want to give it a try you can buy it online from online shopping websites like and

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