Cute little Kittens

This is just an update on Dusty’s life. (You can find my post on Dusty here: ) So my cat Dusty gave birth to three cute little kittens! It was a day before my birthday that I woke up to see three cuties under my bed. Two of them are color of ginger and one is grey like Dusty. Since they are the new spices added in my life I named them Ginger, Garlic and Pepper according to their color. Pepper being my favorite cause she resembles Dusty a lot, in fact it’s like bringing up Dusty all over again. It’s kinda cute to see them fight and jump around the house.

Here is the pic of Ginger and Garlic, Ginger being healthier than later is trying his luck with climbing:


Meet Pepper the cutest of them all, and it’s a “She” again Ginger and Garlic are both boys! 😛


This is Ginger shot while he was busy exploring the house:


They are quite light or so they appear! This one is Garlic showing his fighter side:


I almost scared Pepper by randomly running to her and that explains the pose!


For some reason Garlic feels safe inside this because he feels protected by the bars:


So this was their short introduction. I hope you enjoyed it. They are absolutely adorable! Do you own a cat too? Do share your story with us.

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