Facebook Introduces Pusheen (Happy Cat Lovers!)

Though I don’t chat much on facebook for once I am happy I did. 😉 It was just one of those random messages I send to my friends when they ask for link to my blog. To my surprise facebook had introduced whole new sticker store!

As I am a cat lover for me it was such a happy feeling to see Pusheen the cat. There are around 42 Pusheen to choose from based on your mood. Isn’t it great way to express your feelings with Pusheen?

Pusheen Emoticons

Pusheen is a tabby gray cat that makes hearts go pit-a-pat, the stickers are from Pusheen.com.

I feel its great because I love them! The more I see, the more I fall in love with them. All the cat lovers check out Pusheen.com it’s so damn cute and adorable!

This is my favorite among their popular posts:


Isn’t that true? They deserve a place in your heart!

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