Make Colorful Pom-pom Earrings (DIY)

Hello people!

I am here with another interesting DIY post. I am going to teach you how to make an earring using pom pom. It’s pretty simple.

All you need is:
1. Wire
2. Scissors
3. Pom poms
4. Earring hooks
5. Small bell charm beads


Once you have all the things in place. Just attach the bell charm beads to the wire:


Then you just need to attach the pom pom through the wire:


Last step is to attach the earring hooks to the wire:


And you are ready to go! Your wonderful pom pom earring is ready! 😀


I am pretty happy with my earrings. Let me know how you like it?


I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I will be posting more DIY stuff untill then stay happy and creative! 😀

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