HIDESIGN – Art of Reuse

Last month Hidesign initiated a contest called the Art of Reuse to support and encourage the practice of upcycling used materials, which one discards as waste or redundant goods, into new materials/products of better quality with a higher environmental value.


To take part in the contest all we had to do was register on facebook and collect our Art of Reuse kit from our nearest Hidesign store. So I collected a kit for myself. The kit had three leather scraps, one needle, one meter wax thread and a leather strap punch needle.

I am quite happy that Hidesign encourages recycling. I had never designed a bag before so it was quite difficult for me to decide what to do with the waste scraps. Days went by and I kept thinking what to do with them because though I had many things in mind but to implement and get exact result was quite a task. One fine day I sat and decided to work on the scraps and made a simple easy to carry sling bag. It is difficult to work with leather if you are not experienced. Cutting the draft out was easy but I struggled to stitch the parts together. Phew! But I did succeed and I am quite happy with the result! With the remaining scraps I made a funky Mushman necklace. :)

Here are things I made with the leather scraps:

    1. Tribal by Nature Sling Bag
    2. Mushy Hat Man Necklace

The description for both my entries is as given below:

Tribal by Nature Sling Bag
This bag is handcrafted, with love and care. As the earthen colors speak for themselves, I made this tribal design unisex sling bag. It can also be used as a clutch as it has a long removable strap that can be worn off the shoulder or crossbody messenger style. The green, beige and black speak the language of tradition and nature, they are also the colors of our men in uniform, It’s my dedication to all our Army heroes. Though it looks small but it is still roomy enough for that gigantic smartphone and can hold all your essentials. The bag has been hand stitched and is
accessorized with the soda can tabs at the closure, the geometric design is to give it a tribal look and to keep it trendy. Color block is used in the strap to give it a neutral mix. It is perfect for a day out
you can pair this with a basic tank and some well fitted jeans for that sweetheart look.

Mushy Hat Man Necklace:
This necklace is inspired by the Mustache trend. It is unconventional yet stylish. It can be worn
as a quirky statement necklace to pep up any outfit with a plain top, anytime of the day!

Since its my first time I think I did a pretty good job!:D

In the following pictures you can see how you can carry the Tribal by Nature sling bag and the Mushy hat man necklace:







This is how my entry looks in HIDESIGN voting tab:

Art of Reuse_MadhuLBisht

Today my entry was put up in the voting tab to collect as many votes as possible. I hope you liked it.


Find me on Facebook to drop in your comments and suggestions.

Until we meet again take Care and keep smiling! :)

Thank you! 😀

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