Mushy Hat Man Necklace (DIY)

As I said in my previous blog , I made this Mushy Hat Man Necklace using leather scraps.

I know I described it earlier in the blog but just in case you were too lazy to read, here is the description of the necklace again. If you are wondering where I got my inspiration from? You can check my older post where I made the same thing using plastic sheet here.

This necklace is inspired by the Mustache trend (you can read my post on Mustache trend here). This necklace is unconventional yet stylish. It can be worn as a quirky statement necklace to pep up any outfit with a plain top, anytime of the day! To make one for yourself read further! 😉

Things you need to make the Mushy Hat Man Necklace are:


1. Jump rings
2. Linked chain
3. Wiggle Eyes
4. Chalk
5. Thin linked chain
6. Fevicol Shoe Fix
7. Leather scrap
8. Scissors
9. Single-hole punch
10. Leather strap punch needle
11. Needle

Onece you have these things in place, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Cut out the hat, glasses and mushtache outline from the leather scrap using scissors:


2. This time I gave eyes to the Mushy Hat Man, to do so just stick the
wiggle eyes to the cut out glasses:


3. Now make holes using leather strap punch needle, in the places as shown in the picture:


4. Attach the jump ring to the small linked chain and attach all the pieces together:


5. Then just attach a jump ring to the necklace and attach a linked chain to it:


6. Voila! your Mushy Hat Man Necklace is ready!!!:D


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Until we meet again take Care and keep smiling! :)

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