Happy Independence Day Nail Art! (DIY)

Indian Flag Happy Independence day every one!

Today as we are celebrating 67th Independence Day in India I came up with a new DIY post to celebrate it in my way. I noticed that the national flag of India gets more attention a week or two before the Independence/Republic day. One can also see people sporting Indian flags when we represent our country and not to forget our beloved cricket matches. But I personally feel we shouldn’t wait for a special day to flaunt out National flag. Cherish it everyday! To serve the purpose I came up with an easy idea to carry our flag with us whenever we want. What better than a nail art inspired by our National Flag?

All you will need is:
1. Orange/Saffron nail color
2. Navy Blue nail color
3. Green nail color
4. Cello tape
Nail paints

Its very easy all you need is to follow the simple steps as shown in the image below:


Voila! Your “Happy Independence Day Nail Art” is done!


It is for the first time that I tried any nail art, there is more to learn and experiment. For a better finish apply a coat of transparent nail polish. Flaunt it to places you like, I would love to flaunt this at a cricket match! What’s your take? Do let me know. :)

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