Rainbow Mentos


As the name suggests this post is about mentos rainbow. It is the outcome of my recent addiction to it. Mentos has always helped me stay awake at much needed working hours. Few weeks back when I came across mentos rainbow at my office store I had to buy it firstly because I love mentos secondly colorful things always attract me. And I am totally in love with it because you get to have five flavors in one!


The flavors you get are of strawberry, watermelon, orange, pineapple and raspberry. Orange is my favorite flavor among these but unfortunately there is only one piece of it. Good thing is they are arranged in the pack as they appear on the wrapper. As you peel the wrapper you know whats coming next. None of these flavors are new to me as I have tried them earlier. But this pack just gives you assortment of these five flavors in one, which is good to add some variety in life! (Just saying! There are definitely better things/ways to add variety to life 😉 )


The weather in Bangalore is all rainy. I have been lucky to spot real rainbow twice during this monsoon. I also love rainbows (who doesn’t? :)). I wish we could keep rainbows, I would keep one outside my bedroom window and stare at it until i get tired! 😛 (“Dreams”)


But atleast I get to keep this rainbow (mentos)! Have you tried it yet? What’s your take on it?

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