Make Full HD display for laptops, atleast for Linus Torvalds sake.


I currently own a damn old PC and a Lenovo Thinkpad. I had to buy a laptop which i can use to do android programming, run virtual machines and task which require a mid range laptop. So i began searching the online shopping websites first and then each laptop maker website, to get all the models currently available.

I am just waiting now for the 4th generation laptops of my budget with decent specifications.

I wouldn’t have waited for 4th generation laptop as the 3rd generation laptops specs were good enough for my needs. The only thing that stopped me was the laptops display resolutions. I was very annoyed after doing my searches for laptops of various brands for a mid range laptop. I was very surprised that almost 70% of laptops on the market(indian) were with display resolutions of 1366×768. Even though some of them possessed very powerful graphics card but sadly a very poor display spec for this decade.

A very small number of laptops came with display resolution of 1600×900. I did not go for these as i prefer to keep the text size to 125%. Multitasking on this resolution is very much seemless but a little cumbersome if you keep the text size higher than 100%.

I finally got my hands on Sony’s laptops with Full HD resolution i.e. 1920×1080. These laptops were very much what i was looking for and many like me would prefer such laptops for day to day multitasking needs.

I believe we need more number of laptops with Full HD resolution to choose from. Its upto the manufacturers to feel the same.

I hope the coming 4th generation laptops come with Full HD resolution.

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