Make Your Own Jewelry Holder (DIY)

Hello everyone!

Being a shopaholic it’s difficult for me to be just happy with one pair of earrings or just one necklace! In fact, most recently I realized not only do I have more than one pair I have a collection of jewelry. But as I cant wear all of them at a time (I secretly wish I could), I needed to find a place for them. That’s how my creative brain cells came up with this idea of using an ordinary keyholder and an old cassette holder to keep my necklaces and earrings organized!

Do you like the idea? let me know. :)



Isn’t it awesome to keep them this way rather than dumping them into some box and struggling with the tangled earrings and necklaces specially when you are in a hurry. Dusty seems to love my earrings collection! I love them too and I personally like this idea, hope you like it too.


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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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