LAKMÉ COLOR CRUSH Gold Nail Polish (Review)

Recently I bought this metallic gold nail polish from Heath & Glow store in Bangalore. I was quite adamant about buying a golden nail paint that matches the real gold. Unfortunately none of the brands in the store could offer what I was looking for.

What came close was this nail paint called LAKMÉ COLOR CRUSH Shade No. 10.


The nail polish does a pretty good job in giving the metallic look. But if you are expecting it to match up the real gold then it might disappoint you. However, I am quite happy with the results though it tends to loose the shine in few days.


The nail color comes with a silver cap and the brush is good and smooth enough for better application. Apply two coats for better results. Let me remind you that it’s not glossy but the gold tone is good you can apply a coat of transparent nail polish for the glossy look.


I would rate it 3.5/5 as I was expecting it to be glossy and to stay (glossy) longer. What are your view on the metallic trend? Is it Yay or Nay?

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