Yummy Snack in Three Easy Steps!! (DIY)

Thank God it’s Friday!!! Don’t we all eagerly wait for Fridays. In fact I literally celebrate Fridays because that is the only working day where I get to wear casuals. There is something about Friday that just makes up for everything in the week. :)

Just as Friday takes us closer to the weekend and much needed break from the working week. I am here with an easy snack recipe to enjoy your break! :)

All you need is:
1. Ketchup
2. Mixture
3. Salted lite biscuits


1. Just place the biscuits on a plate:

2. Put some ketchup over the biscuits to hold the mixture in place:

3. Carefully put mixture on each of them:

Tada! You yummy snack is ready!

Try this for yourself and let me know how you find it?

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