Pearl Earring (DIY)

Hello Everyone!

Apologies for not being regular. The website was facing some issue and now that it is fixed, I am hoping that you will see a lot more posts coming up.

Recently I was going through one of my old jewelry box and I found these flowery attachments that used to be a part of a charm bracelet. Now it’s broken so I decided to make earrings out of it.

Things I used:

1. Wire
2. Forceps
3. Earring hooks
4. Pair of pearl
5. Pair of golden attachments


1. First you attach the gold attachments to the wire:


2. Then you attach the pearl to the wire:


3. Attach this to the earring hook and Voila! your very own pearl earring is ready!!


I enjoy making it! And I totally love it! I hope you enjoy it too!:)


Pearl and gold earrings always add an elegant look to any outfit. What is your take on it? Do let me know!

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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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