Floral Trend 2014


It’s impossible to not think of flowers when talking of spring-summer. No wonder it is one of the most popular trends for the spring-summer fashion. It was a huge hit last spring-summer and is ready to steal a space in your wardrobes this spring-summer as well. There is a huge variety available in terms of floral prints. Last year it was seen on everything possible, from pretty little summer dresses, tops, bags, and everything retailers could possibly put them on.

They say being closer to nature brings happiness and peace. I would say it sure does!

I found quite a few people (my friends ofcourse! 😉 ) who agree with me. Here is what they have to say!

Ruthie says: “Floral clothing brightens up your day and makes you feel alive! It looks good on every skin tone and makes you look hot! I love floral jackets and tops.”

Sadiya says: “Floral clothing looks very feminine. I love floral skirts they make you look attractive and natural. With floral clothing on you are sure to grab some eyeballs! ”

Madhumita says: ” I love floral pants and jackets with big floral prints on them!”

Abhiram says: “It’s very attractive on girls, especially a sleeveless gown looks very soothing to the eyes!”

There are many things I love in floral print trend but very few I can fit in here so here are few of my favorites:


1. Source

2. Source

DnG Dress

3. Source


4. Source


5. Source


6. Source


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8. Source


9. Source

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Let me know what’s your take on the floral trend ? I will be posting my pictures wearing this trend soon (mostly in the next outfit post). Until then enjoy this post! :)


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