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It’s a crazy crazy life. We think something and end up doing something else. You go shopping for one pair of shoes and end up with a dozen! Exactly what happened to me last week. This online shopping and sale season is driving me crazy. I love this love-hate relationship I have with it.

Love it for amazing offers and easy shopping without wasting much of my time and energy. Hate it for it’s too hard to resist these jaw-dropping offers and some wonderful collections which always comes with a price! My wallet screams for mercy!(most of the times) I’m sorry but “I need this retail therapy”. That’s how I trick my brain.

Whatever! The little things I buy make me happy. I enjoy shopping cause it certainly makes me happy. (Shopaholic alert!) I am selfish that way. What’s your take on shopping? Would you rather go real time shopping or do you prefer online shopping? What’s your happiness mantra? Do share with me!

Outfit Breakdown:

Top: Central Bangalore| Color Pants: Zara| Clutch: Kiara bags & accesories| Bracelet: ToniQ| Necklace: Faballey




I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Until we meet again take care. Hasta Pronto!!! :)

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