Beaded Cuff Bracelet (DIY)


Hello everyone,

I am here with another DIY post for you guys. I am a huge fan of recycling stuff so I keep experimenting with my old stuff to make something new out of them. If you notice most of my DIY projects are based on recycling. Well this one is no exception. I made this cuff bracelet using one of my old cuff and some old beads.

To make this for yourself you will need:

    1. Metal beads
    2. Scissors
    3. Two meter thread
    4. Old cuff
    5. Needle

Here is the picture:


Once you have all these things with you, follow these simple steps given below:

1. Divide the thread into four equal strands using scissors:


2. Insert the four strands into the needle and put the beads into the thread using the needle:


3. Once you have inserted all the beads into the thread, divide the beads into three equal parts:


4. Now wrap the thread around the middle of the cuff:


5. Once you finish wrapping the thread. Tie a knot and cut out the extra thread using the scissors:


Tada! You have now made yourself a beautiful beaded cufff bracelet! Yay!!! 😀


I hope you enjoy making this! :)

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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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