T-shirt to Tank Top (DIY)


Hi everyone,

I think every girl has some clothes in her closet that never come out of the closet. Whatever may be the reason: too good to be worn outside, doesn’t fit quite right, looked nice when bought but not anymore, too loose, too tight, should save it for better occasion and so on… My reason was ill -fitting t-shirt. I loved this t-shirt because it is so me and it being a horoscope t-shirt with two cute looking twins representing my Gemini personality, I couldn’t wait to wear it. (yes, I believe in astrology!) Unfortunately, when I tried to wear it, the t-shirt was too long and didn’t fit me well around the sleeves and the waist. So I decided to do something about it. Summer is soon approaching so what could be better than a tank top? Don’t you think? 😉 Here’s how I made my tank top!

Things you will need:
1) T-shirt
2) Tank top
3) Scissors
4) Chalk
5) Berry pins


1) First take the t-shirt and turn it inside out.

2) Now with the help of the berry pins fix the tank top on top of the t-shirt and mark the outline of the tank top using the chalk.

3) Cut out the marked area using scissors.

4) Now cut around an inch more of the cloth on the sleeve.

5) Use the above cut out piece from the sleeve to tie the back of the t-shirt:

6) Tada! Your tank top is now ready!!!!!!! 😀

I am all ready to beat the heat now. :)

I hope you enjoy making this too! :)

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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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