Three Steps Pearl Mirror (DIY)


Hello Everyone,

Do you have some spare mirrors that fell off your compact or some old compact cases that you no longer use. Well I had plenty of those. So I decided to make something beautiful out of them. It’s one of the easiest DIY you will see. All you need is:

1) Colored clay
2) Stick-on pearls
3) Glue
4) Scissors
5) Mirror
6) Mouse Pad


Once have all these just do as follows:

1) Stick the mirror on the reverse of the mouse pad.
2) Outline the mirror with clay and stick some stick-on pearl on the clay.
3) Cut out the mirror from the pad.


Voila! Your very own funky mirror is now ready! :)


I hope you enjoy making this! :)

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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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