Sunday Soul Sante


I went to Sunday Soul Sante a few weeks back. As the name itself explains it was held on a Sunday. A very wonderful place to be if you are a shopaholic, enjoy street shopping, love quirky stuff, enjoy live music and enjoy art. Even at so early in the morning the place was filled with so many beautiful people. As you enter you will see a number of colorful stalls selling accessories, clothes, bags, shoes, home essentials, plants, dreamcatchers, posters, paintings, cupcakes and so on. Some of the stalls were selling repeated stuff but there were also some that were one of a kind. One thing I loved about the place was that it had so much to offer and most of the stalls had their things reasonably priced. I got my hands on a very few items as I went there on a limited budget. So the stalls that had something I liked but couldn’t afford I picked their cards instead.

Once I was tired of shopping I went straight to the food corner. So many stalls to choose from to quench your thirst and fill your self up with some great food. I went to Sunday Soul Sante at early afternoon it was the biggest mistake I made as the stalls are put up at an open ground and the scorching heat was unbearable! I couldn’t click much pictures of the event as standing and posing in that heat was the last thing on my mind.

If you have never been there before things you will need to know is that it’s a paid entry and if you go in the afternoon like me, carry an umbrella with you and have fun! 😉

Overall I had fun and here are few pictures that I managed to click. I hope you enjoyed reading this. :)



This is what I wore:



Things I bought at Sunday Soul Sante:


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