Princess Hairband (DIY)


This is my first hair accessory DIY ever! I made this pretty little hairband for a friend of mine who has lovely hair and is crazy about making the most out of that little asset of hers! And what better to do it, than with, hair accessories! So I surprised her with this, on an occasion that was very dear to us. And, man, was she surprised! So if you guys out there want to make a thoughtful gift for your bff’s or just want to feel like princesses yourselves, scroll away, to see how it’s done!!

Things you will need:
1. Stick-on pearls
2. Satin ribbon roll
3. Plain hair band
4. Scissors
5. Thread
6. Needle


1. Wrap the satin ribbon evenly over the plain hairband.

2. Fix the stick-on pearls over it and put the loose ends together in place using the thread and the needle.

3. Now make a satin ribbon flower using the thread and the needle.

4. Fix it over the band using the thread.

Voila! Your very own princess hairband is ready!! 😀

This is how my friend wore it! She was extremely happy with it. Doesn’t she look like a princess with it? You bet she does! :*

I hope you enjoy making this! Until I come up with more you keep smiling and stay happy. :)

To learn more such DIYs find me on Facebook and do drop in your comments or suggestions.

Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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