10 Nail Polish Shades Every Women Should Own

Painting your nails is not only one of the easiest but fun way to pep up your look without putting in much commitment. Nowadays there is nail polish available for every occasion and sometimes it gets confusing to choose from the large range available at the stores. So I am narrowing it down for you to the must have shades everyone women should have in her repertoire.


1. Red

Well red has to be on top of the list. I am sure most of you already know this but just so if you didn’t know, red is the ultimate classic shade. It suits every women irrespective of the skin tone or length of their nails. Every once in a while we have these times when we want to stick to classics and so red is the go to color for such times. And that’s not all it goes with almost every outfit, especially sexy LBD or lacy summer dress. So don’t think twice go get it!


2. Nude

In one sentence I would say, sometimes less is more. But if I were to give you reasons there are plenty. Here’s why I would recommend it. Just like red this one comes to your rescue when you don’t wanna sit and match your nail polish to every outfit you wear. Especially if you have a busy work schedule that’s when this trusty neutral comes into play. It looks playful, chic and calm, at the same time it represents simplicity and looks flattering.


3. Metallic

I believe every woman needs a little spark in her life. Metallic polish is perfect for a party! It’s also a high-fashion must-have meant to be used for special occasions as it represents wealth and warmth. In my opinion everyone needs a metallic, and your skin tone will determine whether gold, silver, or bronze looks best on you. I think gold is the best metallic color. Gold nail polish adds a bold shine to your nails and the elegance it emits is timeless!


4. Pale Pink

This is another classic, conservative, and ultra feminine color. It flatters every skin tone. It works well if it’s sheer as it let’s you pull different shades of your femininity depending on just how light or dark you go with layering. This is a must have if you want to look polished as it gives your nails well-manicured look without a pop of color. This is one of the sexiest shades.


5. Hot Pink
An electrifying pink can never get old. The hot pink color is guaranteed to be a showstopper for decades. A very happy-go-lucky color, representing beauty and romance. This shade is a regular during the spring and summer and even looks wonderful on you toes. This is one of my favorite nail color of the nail polish spectrum. My go-to pink is Maybelline’s Colorama Glamour pink. Makes a perfect pedicure color! Come to think of it, we all have this girly side that needs a little pop of pink.


6. Glitter
No matter how old you get, glitter never goes out of style. It adds personality and works with almost any base color. Perfect for a night time party and those festive times that require a magic sparkle of glitter. A lot of us aren’t pro at nail-art and we rarely end up liking the finished result. Adding a bit glitter to your nail polish collection adds spunk without the gaudiness. A bit of glitter is sure to grab some eye balls as it Looks lively and stunning!


7. Coral
Coral, I feel is a color that doesn’t date, it always looks modern, no matter the shade coral is always in. It looks fabulous on fingers and toes. Coral is a wonderful color but I like the orangish coral a little more. The color is defiantly very bright and looks pretty on nails. Sometimes when red can feel a bit too harsh for spring, coral becomes our classic fallback when the weather starts to get warmer! I can already see it gracing tips and toes everywhere. This is the go-to color for this spring-summer!


8. Citrus
What better than a funky citrus color to make your fingertips come alive with a burst of bright citrus. You can rock it anytime be it day or night. This juicy shade is widely popular among young crowd but I wont limit it to the age, because it’s such a cheerful color and we can’t limit happiness to a certain age group. From bright tangerine to smooth citrus cream, the pop of color is a sure shot attention-seeker; the hue is forceful and undeniable. It has always been considered a vacation staple. Get your favorite shade of citrus and rock out this season. Spring-summer time calls for bright days, what better way to embrace sunshine with a bold yellow nail polish! If you think of the brightest citrus fruit and imagine that bright color on your nails now that is exactly what I am talking about! Summers are here and a pop of color is perfect for when you want to really make a statement with your nails!


9. Almost Black
When I say almost black think of dark red, dark blue, dark green, dark purple, navy, maroon, the options are endless and always chic. One dark polish is a must have for those nights when you want to go a little edgy. Sometimes black can be a little much, but navy is just right. It has a sophistication and represents loyalty and wisdom. A dark color is the perfect shade to transition from a day at work to a night out on the town. It’s like a business suit and a cocktail dress all rolled into one. This shade makes a statement without being too in-your-face. It’s extremely luxurious and looks fabulous with your favorite fashion trends.


10. Clear
Last but not the least. It is essential to have a good clear nail polish, to be worn alone or as a topcoat. This extra protection is worth the effort. Especially when you’re doing your own nails. Let’s face it, everyone enjoys a clean slate, so when bright colors aren’t cutting it, take a break with a clear nails. Short or long nails, this is universally appealing!


Which nail polish trend has caught your eye for spring-summer 2014?

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