No Sew Bow Necklace (DIY)


Hi Everyone!

I am back with another very exciting DIY! Today I will show you how to make a wonderful Bow Necklace (No sewing involved, promise! 😉 ). Bows have always been one of the classic accessory trend among both men and women. If there is one thing that can fix a bad hair day that would be a bow. It looks extremely chic and adds elegance to utmost simplest of outfits. With this DIY you will be able to make a lovely piece of bow accessory for yourself. Which I assure you will help you pep up your look and not only that, you can also pair it along with as many different outfits as you like! So let’s get stated. The list of things you will need is as below:

1. A small piece of cloth (12/4″ approx)
2. Scissors
3. Safety pin
4. Linked chain
5. Two jump rings
6. Fabric glue


1. First take the cloth and fold it on both the sides as shown in the picture below and stick the ends using the fabric glue:


I have used a plain cloth so I don’t have to worry about the reverse side while folding the sides.

2. Fold the loose end as shown in the picture below:


3. Stick the folded ends using the fabric glue:


4. Once it is ready cut a small piece of cloth (approx 4/1″):

5. Now wrap the smaller piece right in the middle of the bigger cloth.

6. To keep the bow in place just stick it with some fabric glue and attach a safety pin.

7. Your bow is now ready.

8. Attach the linked chain to the bow using the jump rings.

9. Voila! You have now successfully made yourself a wonderful piece of Bow Necklace!! 😀


I hope you enjoy making this! Until I come up with more you keep smiling and stay happy. :)

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Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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