Lace Peep Toe Shoes (DIY)

Hi Everyone,

I am sure you’re enjoying the most beloved weekend. As for me this is just another lazy weekend and I don’t wanna go out. But this seems like a perfect time for DIY, so I thought of making something nice, something very girly. As they say “Shoes are a girl’s best friend”. That’s why this shoe DIY. This one is quite simple and easy to do. To make this yourself you need:

1) Peep toe shoes
2) Lace
3) Scissors
4) Shoe Adhesive


1) First cut the lace using scissors such that it fits well on your shoes.


2) Now take your shoes and apply a thin layer of shoe adhesive to the shoes and the lace.


3) Just fix the lace on to the shoe and leave it to dry!


Tada your very own Lace Peep Toe Shoes are ready!! You can also do this on your old shoes to give them a whole new makeover! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you liked this easy tip. :)

To learn more such DIYs find me on Facebook and do drop in your comments or suggestions.

Until we meet again take care and keep smiling! :)

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