Coffee Mug Art (DIY)


Lately, I have been hooked on to Harry Potter!!! Potter makes me wanna live in the world of fantasy. J. K Rowling has to be one of the best author of her times. Though the movies disappoint me, as compared to the books but it always feels good to relive your childhood. It feels like going back in school days. So the other day when I took a break from reading, to have coffee, I came up with this awesome idea to give a plain coffee mug some quirky twist.

To make a quirky coffee mug of your own, you will need::

    >A plain pastel color mug, preferably white
    >A black sharpie pen marker

Steps to make this are quite easy:

1. Cut any design of your choice on a piece of paper using the scissors.
2. Carefully place the cutting on the mug and use it as a stencil.
3. Just make the design on the mug using a sharpie pen marker.

Voila! Your very own custom made mug is now ready!!! 😀

Tip: To make the art last longer let the art set over the mug for 24 hours and then bake the mug in a low temperature oven at 225 degrees for two (2) plus hours.


I made a Mustache mug! 😉



Another one is a Heart on a mug! I truly love coffee mugs. 😀



I hope you enjoy making this twice as much!

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Until we meet again Have fun and stay creative!!! 😀

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