Anchor Print Tank Top (DIY)


I am in love with the Nautical Trend or should I say the Anchor Print Trend in simple words? If you’re a regular online shopper you must have come across this print being used on a lot of stuff. You can find it on everything from tees, shorts, socks, knitwear, and accessories; there are limitless ways to integrate this print in either an accent or statement. You don’t need to be a wannabe fisherman to don this print. So like I said I have been encountering a lot of Nautical Trends online these days. Pintrest is filled with these photos of anchor tattoos that says “I refuse to sink!”. A quote that has been stuck in my head for a while now. Logically if you come to think of it, an anchor is not supposed to float but sink. And then I gave it a thought about how ironical the statement was to the symbol of an anchor.

Tell you what, I actually figured out that, it is not so ironical if you think it through. A rising anchor is a symbol for hope. This metaphorically implies to whenever we say that “our hopes are rising“. Like whenever a ship weighs, or raises its anchor it tells everyone that it’s leaving its current port-of-call and is on its way to a new voyage, a new adventure. So it refuses to sink and explore new places that are more adventurous!

Enough said!! A large number of brands are also expressing and appreciating this trend. Inspired by this Nautical Trend, I decided to make this Anchor Print tank top for myself. It looks very appealing. You can also sport this hot new Anchor Print Trend on land or by sea with this simple DIY!
Things you will need:
1. Tank Top
2. Fabric Paint
3. Paint Brush
4. Anchor Template
5. Berry Pins


1. First step is to put the template on the inside of the tank top and fix it in place by pinning the paper using Berry Pins.



2. Now start painting the outline of the Anchor, with the Fabric Paint using the Paint Brush.



3. Now start painting inside the outline and fill the insides using Fabric Paint.


4. Once you finish painting, leave it to dry for three (3) days.



Voila!! Your very own Anchor Print Tank Top is now ready!! I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!:D



Have you invested in Nautical-inspired prints recently? Are you a fan of this trend or do you have any other trademark pieces?


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Until we meet again Have fun and stay creative!!! 😀

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