How to Make Pretty Bow Shoes (DIY)


Last month was my birthday, (Yes,I am a HAPPY GEMINI!!) I call it “budday” for some reason. I can’t say birthday properly unless I put a conscious effort into it. Believe me I have tried! 😉 It was one hell of a month. Very busy and that explains the only one post in the last month.

Anyways, this shoe DIY has been pending for quite a while, so today when I finally have some time on my hands. I will show you how to make these Pretty Bow Shoes.

Things you will need:
1. Peep toe Shoes
2. Shoe Adhesive
3. Ribbon
4. Buttons


1. Your first step would be to make a bow. To make a bow look at the diagram below:


2. Once you make the bow, stick the button to the bow using the shoes adhesive.

3. Now repeat step 1 and 2 to make another bow and stick one bow each to the shoes.


Tada!!!!! your very own Pretty Bow Shoes are ready! Don’t you just love them?

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Until we meet again Have fun and stay creative!!! 😀

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