Let's Get Serious


Life is full of surprises and shocks. Some situations make us look back in time and laugh at ourselves while some teach us lesson to come out stronger. But Hey! Don’t we all just have to keep calm and carry on anyway! Moving away from this random serious rambling, just letting you know that I finally took some time off my so called busy schedule. Frankly I don’t remember what kept me so busy but I just couldn’t come up with any new posts! Guess it’s my laziness talking.

The only thing I miss is not being able to engage myself in any DIY or crafts work lately, but I will come up with something soon. Last month was a busy month and it was my B’day month but I won’t complaint about getting older. I think I might have turned a bit more wiser! 😉

In this post I decided to dress up in a bit of a serious dress code. Personally, I would choose looking smart over looking hot any day! So here I am with this outfit! Solid black pants and blazer makes a perfect smart outfit. But this is more like a combination of casual and formal as the top that I am wearing is a sleeveless casual top being overshadowed by the blazer. Anyhow I love this look. I hope you like it too!





Hope you like this post! Until I come up with a new outfit post, take care and keep smiling. :) Hasta Pronto!!! :)

Outfit Breakdown:

Pants: Van Huesen| Top: Bhane| Jacket: Borrowed| Bag: Tibetian Palaza| Watch: Guess| Shoes: Myntra

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