Neon Fever


Much to the summer my eyes are dazzled with all that is neon.

Neon is the hottest fashion trend of the season. Shirts, tops, dresses, shoes, bags, nails everything that is bright is a trend.

Well there are colors that soothe your eyes and then there are colors that make you go blind! Neon is one such color capable of blinding others if worn in excess. Well as much as I love this trend. I hate when some people over do it! One thing you will always need to remember when wearing this trend is that “Less is more” Don’t wear all neon it’s a fashion crime!
As long as you know the new rules to keep it chic go ahead and embrace this trend. If you don’t, read on and you can rock this trend just how it is meant to be!

We all know there’s a fine line between being an eye candy and being an eye sore! Here’s how to rock fashion’s new neon phase without leaving others blind.

Neon is no doubt a bold and fun color. It leaves you feeling very cheerful and lively. Something I really like about this trend is that it adds a pop of color to your outfit and changes the whole mood making you feel more lively. It can be adorned in any item of your ensemble. Be it accessories, clothing, footwear, bags, belt, a pair of jeans, a dress, skirt, lingerie and even your make-up.

1. I would suggest you stick to a maximum of two neon items in your ensemble if you want to play it safe.

2. For people like me who are quirky and stylish, but not that daring, accessorize with a neon bag or bangles.




3. Like I told you before, never wear too much of neon pieces together. Instead accessorize your dull and boring clothes with neon colored bags, shoes, jewelry, etc for a fresh and fun look.

4. But if you really want to match your eye-popping neon colors avoid using opposite colors together. Neon with neon can look great if you do it right. For color choice, neon yellow and green are for darker skin tones and neon pink and purple goes well with lighter skin color.

5. Black goes great with neon because it gives a good background for the neon. Wear some neon colored tops with black pants, or vice versa.

6. Buy some neon accessories. Match your neon orange nail polish to your neon green tank top. Get some neon purses, shoes with some bright stripes on them, and even some neon tights.





Feel neon. Neon means new, fluorescent, bright and happy. If you are going to wear neon, feel energetic and bright and happy, and match your clothes accordingly.

Be confident, smile and have fun. Neon trend is here and here to stay so have fun while it’s here!

Hope you enjoy reading this post!

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