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Much to the love of Kerala food when my friends asked me if I would like to go to Kerala instead of Goa? My answer was a straight “Yes”.

This was my fourth visit to Kerala, only to different destinations this time. So that particular weekend was a long weekend thanks to the month of “Ramzan” (Eid I mean). Travelling is always fun isn’t it? Especially with crazy bunch of friends. It was pouring in Bangalore almost everyday and we knew Kerala would be no less. Tickets were booked anyway. Call us Lucky but the three days of our stay we only saw the welcoming clear sky.

Kerala food has always been on top of my favorite cuisines and now the beauty of the place has caught me smitten. I can’t describe how beautiful the place is. There is a smell of freshness to the air you breathe with all the houses surrounded by the greenery of paddy fields and coconut trees.

We traveled by the bus to and fro. As this post was long due I should have finished it when everything was so fresh in my head. I might be missing few details here. *badmemomorymakesmeforget*. Soon after we reached the house boat owner came to receive us and showed us to our boat and room. It was my first time on a house boat so I was astounded to see how self-contained it was. The boat from inside was just how a normal hotel room would look like, it came with all the comfort and features of a good hotel. The boat had well decorated bedrooms with attached bathrooms. For extra comfort it was even equipped with A/C. You can’t tell you are on a boat until it starts moving though the long stretch of backwaters. The stretch of back waters was unending, I almost mistook it for the sea. But it was one hell of a experience to cruise through the tranquil stretch of backwaters exploring Kerala’s scenic beauty and observing the simple life of the village folks. There is a lot to be said but I am just giving you the breakdown of good things I enjoyed doing while at Kerala.

Good things that happened on Day 1:

  • My first time on a house boat
  • Fell in love with beauty of Kerala
  • Had the best butter milk ever (See the photo trail for the photo of the place it’s called Sisir Palace)

Good things that happened on Day 2:

  • Early morning crazy photo shoot sessions
  • Appam and chicken curry served hot for the lunch
  • Cruising though the long stretch of backwaters
  • Chilling on the boat passing the paddy fields
  • Tried the regional drink of Kerala called TODDY only to gulp gallons of it later!! (I love how it tastes subtly sweet and sour! Love it!)
  • Spotting fire flies.
  • Sharing bedtime stories of childhood.

Good things that happened on Day 3:

  • Warm welcome to the 150 year old house.
  • Beautiful and inspiring house for the house-stay.
  • Awesome Kerala Style lunch along with gobbling bunch of tasty Kerala bananas
  • Visit to the Murari beach by the ferry
  • Fun photoshoot at the beach
  • Missing the ferry back to the home stay and taking a rick back instead
  • Bollywood loud song singing competition
  • Finding our way back with much difficulty
  • Goofy bedtime stories
  • Bag packing

Good things that happened on Day 4:

  • Toddy Madness once again
  • Bag packing
  • Snacks shopping
  • Bus back home!

TODDY was something I wanted to try for a long long time! Totally loved it. I wish there was a place in Bangalore serving Toddy I would go there everyday!

I am putting up a few pics of the trip. I dunno if they do justice to the beauty of Kerala. But I was too busy enjoying. I am putting the description of few photos as necessary. Please find some of the pictures from the trip below.








Selfie time. 😀 At the beach.

They serve the BEST Butter Milk I have ever tasted. The sourness of the curd, spiciness of green chilies, subtle flavor of jeera power and salt was all perfectly blended into one glass. We all ordered atleast two glasses of it each. Came back next day before leaving the place. 😀



The 150 year old house we stayed in:









I hope you enjoyed this post.

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