(DIY) 3 Steps Jeweled Clutch


It was a CD case this time. That poor thing, or should I say that lucky thingamajig. CDs are rarely used these days, so when I saw this plain beautiful CD case lying around in my house and immediately the thought of giving it a makeover ran into my head. That’s how this DIY happened.

The steps to make this are pretty simple.

Things you will need are:

1. A CD Case
2. Cloth Patch with Jewelry Work
3. Glue Gun
4. Glue Sticks
5. Scissors
6. Seam Ripper



Your first job is to empty the CD case, so take out all the old CD’s from it. Once it’s empty just follow the three (3) steps given below:

1. Rip the stitch using the Seam ripper to detach the CD covers for the CD case.



2. Now carefully remove the extra cloth using scissors, to form a perfect patch with just the jewelry work.

3. Stick the Patch on the CD case using the glue gun and glue sticks.



Tada, your very own Jeweled Clutch is now ready!



It’s that easy, didn’t I tell you? I hope you like this post.


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Until we meet again have fun and stay creative!!! 😀

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