(DIY) VIBGYOR Key-chain



Amazed by one of my older posts here, one of my close friends wanted me to make a key-chain with rainbow color tassels. He was very specific about it being in the order of VIBGYOR. So that’s the story behind this DIY. I am showing you basic steps of how I made this key-chain.

I hope you like it.

Coming to our first step.
Things you need:
1. Colored threads
2. Crochet needle
3. Key-chain Rings
4. Leather Basic Key-chain



1. First step is to make tassels. You can learn how to make a tassel by following the steps shown in the photo given below:


2. Now that you have tassels ready, using a crochet needle make extension to the the tassels so that they can be attached to the Key-chain Rings.



3. Now attach each tassel to one Key-chain Ring respectively.



4. Attach the smaller Key-chain Rings to a single larger Key-chain ring.


5. Wrap some thread in the rainbow pattern on the Leather Basic Key-chain and attach the Larger Key-chain Ring to it.


Tada!!! Your VIBGYOR Key-chain is now ready!

Don’t you just love it?? I tottaly do! 😀


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Until we meet again have fun and stay colorful!!! 😀

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