Color Me Red


I love the color red! Sadly I don’t have much of red in my closet. It’s strange to see how I have managed to ignore such a wonderful color. I have a tendency to stick to my favorites when it comes to choosing color of clothes. No wonder my closet is full of blues and greens. Though late, but I have now realized that colors in general are meant to be celebrated. I have now started to experiment with different colors and patterns.

Color Red. Color of love, passion and desire. I believe that wearing red automaticallly increases your hotness quotient. But the problem with wearing red is that it’s leaves a lasting impression. So one needs to be careful while wearing anything red. Specially if it’s bright red. So if you decide to wear it, it’s important to balance the brightness by wearing it with neutral colors and sticking to gold/silver jewelry. This way you get a drift. That’s exactly what I have done by wearing it with a black and white geometrical print top, black shoes and champagne gold watch.

Just a fact. Did you know? In China people like red color very much. They prefer wearing red for festivals or great ceremonies.

I wore this outfit to meet my best friend over the weekend. Weekends are the best time to chill out with your friends, more when you don’t get to see them during weekdays because you are too busy working. I always feel like two day’s are just not enough to be weekend and I so wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday!

Oh wait! Isn’t the coming weekend a long one? Yay!!! I’m so excited to relax and chill out during the long weekend! What more can I ask?? 😉









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Outfit Breakdown:

Pants: Code | Top: Show Off| Watch: Guess| Bag: Modacc| Necklace: Faballey| Shoes: Dressberry

Photography: Shutterbug


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