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Maxi dresses. Oh how I love them! For they make you look so elegant and classy. I feel a black maxi dress is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. They make you feel so lady like. There are numerous ways to style it, I can come up with plenty of ideas right now. I am hoping in my future posts I will be able to show you more ways to style it. Best thing about maxi dresses is that they are great for both summer and winter time. During Summers just slip on to a strappy flowy maxi dress, put on some hat and you are ready to step out. Winter time, layer it with a denim jacket or a classy sweater with a scarf and you are all set to go. You don’t really have to think much before wearing a maxi dress. It can easily be your go to dress, when in doubt. If you forget to shave your legs for some reason, worry not! Maxi dresses are perfect for times like that.

Winter is coming but being in Bangalore it feels like monsoon as it’s been raining cats and dogs everyday. I personally love Bangalore for it’s unpredictable weather. It has an element of surprise to it. With this maxi dress I feel ready for an evening event. I am wearing a strappy ruffled top black maxi dress with neon accessories. I went minimal with accessories as I am wearing a neon necklace and bracelet. Being neon the accessories go perfectly well with this black dress. Like I said before, I will be showing you more ways to style this dress. Stay tuned. Find more photos from the shoot below:

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Outfit Breakdown:

Maxi dress: Femella | Necklace: Scrunch| Bracelet: Ayesha and Youshine| Shoes: Dressberry

Photography: Shutterbug


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