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Like a Lady

  Maxi dresses. Oh how I love them! For they make you look so elegant and classy. I feel a black maxi dress is a must have in every girl’s […]

Color Me Red

I love the color red! Sadly I don’t have much of red in my closet. It’s strange to see how I have managed to ignore such a wonderful color. I […]


Hello people, Here’s another outfit post. Last few months have been busy and I had a good break of three day long weekend to compensate that. Just when I thought […]

Mustard Illusion Skirt

There was a time when I was crazy about maxi skirts I found them very intriguing and still do. I love it because it’s so easy to wear, feels comfortable, […]

Animal Love

I love animals and I love animal print!!! This post is dedicated to both animals and animal lovers. Speaking of which, I think animal prints are a must have in […]

Owl-ways Happy

It’s a crazy crazy life. We think something and end up doing something else. You go shopping for one pair of shoes and end up with a dozen! Exactly what […]

Floral Trend 2014

It’s impossible to not think of flowers when talking of spring-summer. No wonder it is one of the most popular trends for the spring-summer fashion. It was a huge hit […]

Trap the Heat

Hello everyone, Bangalore is becoming colder by the day. I don’t remember feeling so cold in Bangalore. This winter really made me take out some of my old winter clothes. […]

Palazzo Pants

We all know palazzo were are huge hit for spring summer this year a lot of bollywood celebrities were seen donned in these. Palazzo pants come in a variety of […]